You are to late

I watch you from a far. Your sadness radiates from you.
I want to help, but I am the cause of your pain.
I broke your heart to make mine whole again.
At what point does someone need to choose their own happiness over having to hurt someone else.
I never had these intentions it just worked out that way.
I fell out of love and you didn’t even notice.
I think that is what hurt the most.
When sadness radiated out of me you couldn’t see it.
You had your blinders of being content.
You assumed you had me forever.
You stopped working for me.
You stopped doing special things for me.
You stopped seeing the worth in me.
Now you lost me.

I hit a point where the emotions just stopped.
No longer was I sad, no longer was I angry.
I simply felt nothing when it came to you.
I warned you there would be a breaking point.
I point where I was simply over it.
Once again you wrote me off, and then when that point came you were caught off guard.

Acting as though this came out of no where.
It is as though I was standing in a room yelling I was unhappy
and every one noticed, but you didn’t even look up.

What hurt the most was that I couldn’t even get you to acknowledge my emotions.
I hurt so much and the person who is supposed to be there for me literally let me cry myself to sleep.

Now I am the bad guy, because I let you go.
Now you want to talk about things.
Now you care that I am sad.

You are to late.