From one love to another.
No day left alone.
Why I fell I will never know.
Was it the comfort that you filled a hole?
Was I truly growing attached to you?
Where you an obsession I needed to obsess over?

The beginning was quick, and the feelings were false.
Sadly I knew this from the beginning, but I needed the warmth.
It was real for you. The love you felt.
The beginning ended by me hurting you. Who knew the end would be the same. One whole year. One year of loving each other and never being together.
One whole year of you turning me down, and sending me home alone.
One whole year of hugs, kisses, glances, and sex. One whole year of an unexplained relationship that consumed our lives, and yet never existed.

You left me alone, to cry by myself. Wasn’t that the reason I ran to you? To comfort me, be there, not to be exactly what I left.

It would take too long to tell the story. But somehow once again, just like every story of mine. I am the villain and I am at the end.


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