Live for when you are gone.

One day we all must go.
One day we will never be here again.
Today we do not think about that day, we are able to live in denial.
What if today was the day you were made to think of your last.

Do you live today as if this was your last chance to smile?
Do you live today as if you don’t want to leave a bad impression with anyone when you are gone?
Do you not live this way because you are choosing to be unaware that tomorrow may not exist.

I believe this has come with a life long effort to be happy and make all around me happy. I try to smile and bring smiles to others. I choose to live as though when I leave tomorrow my legacy will be happy. I want people to think fondly of me.

Most people want acceptance and people to like them while they are alive. I want this for when I am gone. This translates into my lifestyle. I am continually working towards what will be left when people think of who I was. Fighting to be a good person when you are gone can translate into the person you are when you here.

Will you be forgotten because you always sat on the sideline?
Will you be forgotten because you were bitter and people needed to forget the harsh you brought to the situation?
Will you be forgotten because you were scared of what people would think, so you stayed quite?
Will you be forgotten because your negativity was never wanted?
Will you be forgotten because you only thought of yourself, so no one thought of you?

If you live to create happiness around you through other people, the glow will consume you and they will return what you have given. Intern receiving happiness from others will make you happy.
People think we must create our own happiness. The trick is that if you put happiness into the universe, the universe will put happy into your life. You can not create your own happiness; It must come from an outer source.

Will your memory exist at all. Will people want to remember you? Will you pop in someones head? If you don’t now then you won’t then.

Live for what thoughts you want to provoke when you leave this earth, and it will translate into the life you want to live now.


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