As the night lingers on, so does your smell. I didn’t expect to see you here, and now your gone after only one beer.

Is it a pleasant surprise to be around you for even ten minutes, or an evil reminder of what I have lost after three years.

I smile as your face enters my view, and my stomach drops once again as your back slowly disappears.

You have moved on and I stand all alone.
Wishing and waiting like it will all just fall back together.

All I want to do is everything I didn’t that made me loose you.

You spoke and I wrote it off. You cried yourself to sleep and I didn’t hug you and wipe away your tears.

Thinking I had you forever and forgetting forever is continually earned not attained after a period of time.

Will the want for you ever disappear. Will the hope always fill me every time I see your sweet smile.

You now have another who fills the spots I missed, touches the places I used to kiss, and I still allow myself to get pissed.

I want to hate you, but my love is so much stronger.
I want to never see you again, but I can’t lie, I search for you every where I go.

I wanted you to be my forever, and I have now forever lost you.


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