Awww the games of the business world. May the best player win. I had this idea in my head that things would be more mature once I entered the business game. Smarts and reason would prevail and the most talented would succeed. WRONG. In this game you take high school and times it by ten. Now there is the factor of power. Power only comes from your title. Your title in all actuality has nothing to do with how good you are. It has to do with what you pulled to get yourself there. Maybe you are a liar. Maybe you simply find your ways to take out the people in your way. Maybe you buddied up and your friend promoted you. Maybe you sucked dick all the way up the ladder. Either way no one gets there on pure merit. I was naive to think otherwise. I thought doing the right thing and pointing out the wrong things would get stuff done. I was wrong because the people above didn’t get there that way. They got there by bullshiting and when I call them on there bullshit they really don’t like that. Back to the power aspect of this game they use there power then to try and shut you up and bring you down. I am a person who likes to move very fast I don’t waste my time dicking around. I have already worked for one company that actually did things on merit. I was an intern who won a trip to home office. I was awarded many things while in training. I succeed when talent and hard work are actually noticed. I don’t succeed when it is all a game. I am here to work not to suck up to you and make you feel good about yourself. only 6 months into the world and I will give it to them. They were able to bring me down because I spoke the truth and called them out on whats wrong and they didn’t like it. Well see the thing is I am smarter than you and I have already figured out your stupid bullshit.

Three months to take me down and make me feel as though I am not doing something right or good enough. One month to figure out this is a game and how to play. Let us see how long it will take me to crawl back up and go where I want to go now that I know the rules.


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