The Sting of Spring

So here I am feeling all alone again.

With spring should come happiness, and with happiness should come smiles.

Here I am again the muscles in my face paralyzed. A smile, even forced, is only half a smile to me.

Three years now and it never seems to be, the spring that it should be to me.

The warmth begins to hit my skin and the sunlight blinds my view. But only on my outer shell, turning my skin a darker hue.

Unexplained as I sit in pain with no one that knows what I’m about.

I will fake my dance and take a chance that maybe I can pull out.

This time of year seems to bring the strain, never the same but still its pain.

Here I am feeling all alone again, with no answers in my sight.

Every year I wait for spring and the joy it will bring.

My brain may be able to trick me into thinking it won’t be the same

but..Every year when this time comes, I never anticipate the sting.


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