To all the complainers of the world

The people in America today are just pathetic. Complaining has become one of the worst plagues to infect America in our recent years (besides obesity sadly). Our nation is lazy, fat, and complainers. I believe all three things are connected. When I was a child (I’m 22, not that long ago) we begged our parents to stay outside after the streets lights came on. Now one of the largest campaigns taking place in the U.S, is to get children to spend at least 60 minutes outside a day. WOW really, and parents this is your fault. Parents have given up on parenting. It is easier to drive through a fast food restaurant, rather than cook a healthy dinner. It is easier to buy your kids a video game to play all day and night, than take them to soccer practice. Lazy lazy lazy. You are making your kids FAT for one thing, and your teaching them awful habits.

Now a days if someone slightly gets injured, it is blown out of proportion and becomes yet another reason to be lazy. sitting around complaining about their “hurt” knee and how “thats” the reason they can’t do anything. Why are people so blind to allow this kind of childish behaviors. Cut the bullshit, get over it, and get back to work. Everyone seems to have an excuse for everything. Ever heard the saying ” excuses are like butt holes, everyone has one and they ALL stink!!!” America doesn’t know what hard work is thanks to technology. Sadly instead of embracing technology it has simply made our world even more lazy. “A machine can do that for us” is soon to be the American modo!

Lastly I am tired of poor people complaining! They complain about this and that and how it’s the governments fault or how that CEO is being paid to much money…blah blah blah bitch bitch bitch. If they were to spend half the time they spend complaining working they might actually make a life for themselves. You know how people become high ranking in the government, or how a CEO comes to earn millions a year? NOT through complaining!!! These are the people in the world that saw challenges and did not complain, but overcame those obstacles. No one likes a complainer. Do you feel this will get you attention or make people feel bad for you?? Let me let you in on a little secret…I HATE COMPLAINERS and so does EVERYONE ELSE!!!!

If our world would stop making excuses and complaining about every little thing, we might just have a shot at a wonderful life.

Don’t complain about being fat while eating a double cheeseburger from McDonalds.

-Shayna Shenanigans


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